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The NextGen Leadership program was established in 2012, to create an interesting, informative and valuable environment for younger professionals and academics which will provide them with an opportunity to liaise with the best people in the world in the insolvency area, the Members of the International Insolvency Institute. We appreciate everyone's interest and support for the III NextGen Leadership Program. 

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Evan Zucker, Blank Rome, USA

Carlo Ghia, Studio Legale Ghia, Italy
Fabio Weinberg Crocco, Sullivan & Cromwell, USA
Lynette Janssen, Milbank LLP, UK
Shuai Guo, China University, China
Ays Lidzhanova, Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners, Russia
Adam Crane, Baker & Partners, Cayman Islands
Ivan Romo, SOELI Consulting, Mexico

III NextGen Coordinator
Brandi Gehman, +1-434-939-6003

NextGen Class XI (2022) - Toronto

NextGen Class X (2021) - New York

NextGen Class IX (2020) - New York

NextGen Class VIII (2019) - Barcelona, Spain

NextGen Class VII (2018) - New York, NY

NextGen Class VI (2017) - London, England

NextGen Class V (2016) - Tokyo, Japan

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