Insolvency Institute

Bettina Nunner-Krautgasser

University Professor Doctor

Professor Dr. Bettina Nunner-Krautgasser's picture

University of Graz, Institute of Civil Procedure and Insolvency Law
Universitaetsstrasse 15/4,
Graz, A-8042

T. 00433163803341
F. 00433163809440


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bettina Nunner-Krautgasser is a full professor and head of the Institute of Civil Procedure and Insolvency Law at the University of Graz. She teaches Insolvency Law (including European and international Insolvency Law) and Civil Procedure Law. Her main areas of research include Insolvency and Reorganization Law, State Insolvency Law, Austrian, European and International Civil Procedure Law encompassing the respective relations to Commercial Law and Civil Law, Collateral Security Law, Enforcement Law, Interrelations between Civil Procedure and Substantive Civil Law, Labour Law and Commercial Law. She is a member of various scientific organisations and is engaged in international cooperations and research projects. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bettina Nunner-Krautgasser has been awarded several prizes for her academic work, esp. for her habilitations thesis "Schuld, Vermögenshaftung und Insolvenz" (Obligation, Asset Liability and Insolvency) (2007, Manz Publishers Vienna).

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