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Carren Shulman


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The Nature Conservancy

New York,

T. 646-232-4291

structuring transactions and risk


For more than 25 years in Big Law private practice, Carren managed risk of loss, recovered value and achieved efficient and effective outcomes for clients, whether in the form of financial recovery or a successful business acquisition or transaction in and out of court. Carren's clients included Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, private equity funds, original equipment manufacturers, and middle market businesses. She primarily represented healthy companies seeking to protect their interests or identify opportunities. Industry experience including aerospace, hospitality, mortgage banking and finance, asset backed securities, life sciences and retail.

In 2017, Carren retired from private practice to pursue volunteer opportunities and currently works with The Nature Conservancy, one of the world's largest not for profits focused on protecting the planet, in structuring transactions and addressing risk issues worldwide.

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