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Membership in the Institute is restricted to senior and experienced insolvency practitioners or judges with interest and experience in the insolvency area, senior representatives of financial institutions, senior academics, senior insolvency regulators and administrators and others with interest and substantial experience in the field of insolvency. Prospective members must be nominated by current members of the Institute to be considered for admission.

Since April 2022, the Institute is honored to welcome the following new members:

Rosa Rojas Vertiz
RMRV Consulting/ITAM
Mexico City, Mexico

Eric A. Schaffer
University of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania, USA

Heinrich Schoppmeyer
Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice)
Karlsruhe, Germany

Bradley Sharp
Development Specialists, Inc.
Los Angeles, USA

Alexander Metallinos
Karatzas & Partners
Athens, Greece

Justice Daniel Fernando Alonso
Civil and Commercial Court of Appeal
Santa Fe, Argentina

Andres Martinez
World Bank
Washington, USA

Justice Nicoleta Nastasie
Bukarest Tribunal
Bucaresti, Romania



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