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Carlo Ghia

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Studio Legale Ghia
Via delle Quattro Fontaine, 10 ,
Rome, 184

T. 011 39 064 201 2618


Carlo Ghia is a member of Studio Legale Ghia, one of the leading law firms in Italy with offices in Rome and Milan, which focuses its activities in the areas of commercial law, insolvency, restructuring and bank law.

Since his junior practice, Carlo had the opportunity to work on international insolvency cases such as Parmalat Group, Delta Airlines and other US bankruptcy proceedings, acquiring also experiences working with US law firms.

As a lawyer he assists major creditors, such as banks, financial institutions and insurance companies in insolvency proceedings and judicial matters.

As an insolvency practitioner he works on several restructuring and insolvency cases.
Qualified as subject expert in Commercial Law at University Guglielmo Marconi of Rome, Carlo is also Alumni Member of the NextGen Leadership Program of the International Insolvency Institute and Member of the Italian Chapter of the Turnaround Management Association.

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