Insolvency Institute

Former Directors

The III extends its sincere appreciation to the following Members who have served diligently and with enthusiasm on the III's Board of Directors:

Ricardo Beller
Agustin Berdeja-Prieto
Evelyn H. Biery
Dr. Eberhard Braun
Hon. Charles G. Case
Michael Crystal, Q.C.
Hon. James M. Farley
Thomas B. Felsberg
Hon. James L. Garrity, Jr.
Lucio Ghia
Leonard H. Gilbert
Richard A. Gitlin
Steven T. Kargman
Prof. Kenneth N. Klee
Hon. Burton R. Lifland
Prof. Bruce A. Markell
Marc Mayrand
Gabriel Moss, Q.C.
Dr. Justice Eberhard Nietzer
Joel R. Ohlgren
President Luciano Panzani
Christoph Paulus
Robert J. Rosenberg
Hideyuki Sakai
Nicholas A. Segal
Christoph Staubli
Hon. Elizabeth Stong
Prof. Bob Wessels
Prof. Jay Westbrook
Melvin Zwaig

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