Insolvency Institute

III Outstanding Contributions Honorees

The III Outstanding Contributions Award honors a person who reflects prominent, distinguished and exceptional service to the field of insolvency and to the insolvency community. Congratulations to the International Insolvency Institute Outstanding Contributions Honorees:

2020  Lord Justice David Richards, Royal Courts of Justice, London
2019  Prof. Christoph G. Paulus, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin
2018  Hon. James M. Peck (Ret.), Morrison & Foerster, New York
2017  Michael Crystal, Q.C., Gray's Inn, London
2016  Hon. Allan Gropper, U.S. Bankruptcy Court (Ret.), New York
2015  President Luciano Panzani, Court of Appeals, Rome
2014  Prof. Jay L. Westbrook, University of Texas, Austin
2013  Richard Gitlin, Gitlin & Company, LLC, Delray Beach
2012  John Barrett, Norton Rose Fulbright, Houston
2011  Hon. Burton R. Lifland, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, New York
2010  Lucio Ghia, Studio Legale Ghia, Rome
2009  Lord Leonard Hoffman, House of Lords, London
2008  Dr. Manfred Balz, Lazard, Frankfurt
2007  Hon. James M. Farley, Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Retired), Toronto
2006  Dr. Gerold Herrmann, Past Secretary, UNCITRAL, Vienna
2005  Dr. Shinjiro Takagi, Past Chair, Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan, Tokyo
2004  Prof. Geoffrey Hazard, Immediate Past Executive Director, The American Law Institute, San Francisco

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