Insolvency Institute

2014 III PRIZE In International Insolvency Studies

For the first time in the history of the International Insolvency Institute, there was a 3-way tie for the Gold Medal! It was decided to award the 3 submissions a Silver Medal.

2014 SILVER MEDAL: Awarded to Jochem M. Hummelen: “Shaping Bankruptcy. What Form Should It Take?”

2014 SILVER MEDAL: Awarded to Jen Johnson and Sarah Coleman: “Journey to the Center of the Economic Universe: How the Current U.S. COMI Timing Determination Misses the Mark”

2014 SILVER MEDAL: Awarded to Yanying Li: “Policy Implication of Postová Tribunal’s Jurisdiction over Sovereign Bonds: Bankruptcy Cram-down and ICSID Arbitration”

2014 Prize Finalist: Xinyi Gong: “A Middle Way – Tailoring the Model Law and the Regulation into China’s Context”

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