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International Insolvency Institute Foundation Committee



This Committee administers the III’s Grants/Awards Program which is intended to support research and analysis and other valuable Projects in the international insolvency area within the III or in association with other leading international insolvency organizations.

III Grants Issued

Foundation Donation Form (pdf) (word)
Foundation Grant Request Form (pdf) (word)


Foundation Project Materials

2015 IAPBL Japan Insolvency Law Symposium
Presenters List
Symposium Agenda


December 2014 E.U. Project
E.U. Cross-Border Insolvency Court-to-Court Cooperation Principles


2014 Brooklyn Law School Symposium on Chioce of Law in Cross-Border Insolvency Cases
Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law Table of Contents
Silos: Establishing the Distributional Baseline in Cross-Border Bankruptcies


2014 Duke University School of Law Project
Systemic Risk & Insurance (Duke University Law School) Grant Report
Regulating Financial Change (Duke University Law School) Grant Report

January 30, 2015

Dear Friends,

We invite you to support the Grants and Awards Program headed by the International Insolvency Foundation Committee by committing to contribute, either individually or through your firm, to the objects and goals of the Program.

With your assistance, III will be able to continue to administer the Grants and Awards Program in the name of III. The contribution you provide will enable III to promote scholarly works in international insolvency law, systems and procedures. You may choose to send your contribution with your dues statement, or you may make a contribution on the form attached, whichever you choose.

Unless you direct us not to do so, when you make a contribution, your name will be listed in several reports from the board of directors, as well as on the III website. We will also include the list of contributors in the program for each event we conduct throughout the year. If you would like for your donation to be in memory or in honor of an individual, or to recognize a particular event or activity, we will be happy to advise the honoree of your contribution, unless you direct us to the contrary. We have several levels of contributions from US$250 to US$5,000. We hope you will give generously. If you choose to send a donation today, please make your check payable to the International Insolvency Institute and note that it is for the work of the Foundation Committee.

Please consult your tax professionals on the extent to which a contribution will be deductible for purposes of your tax laws. For the United States members, we note that the Committee is not a separate foundation; it is, rather, a part of a Section 501(c)(6) organization, not a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation.

Thank you for submitting your contribution to the Foundation Committee. If you have any questions, please contact either of the co-chairs of the International Insolvency Institute Foundation Committee.


Leonard H. Gilbert
Holland & Knight LLP
P.O. Box 1288 
Tampa, FL 33601-1288 
Telephone: 813.227.8500
Facsimile: 713.229.0134
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Maurice Downey
16 Moorgate
York, United Kingdom YO24 4HR
Telephone: +44-7804-252-805
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