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III Judicial Committee

Committee Members

Hon. Louise DeCarl Adler
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Southern District of California
San Diego, CA USA

Mr. Justice David Baragwanath
Court of Appeal of New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand

Hon. Timothy A. Barnes
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Illinois
Chicago, IL USA

Mr. Justice Sidnei Beneti
Minister of the Superior Court of Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hon. Stuart M. Bernstein
United States Bankruptcy Court
New York, NY USA

Hon. Sidney B. Brooks
United States Bankruptcy Court
Denver, CO USA

Hon. Samuel L. Bufford
United States Bankruptcy Court
Los Angeles, CA USA

Hon. Charles G. Case (Ret.)
Phoenix, AZ USA

Hon. Leif M. Clark
U.S Bankruptcy Court
San Antonio, TX USA

Hon. Andrea Csoke
Municipal Court of Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

Justice Juan Manuel de Castro Aragonés
Mercantil Court number 10
Barcelona, Spain

Mr. Justice Dr. Miodrag Dordevic
Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia
Ljubljana Slovenia

Hon. Robert D. Drain
United States Bankruptcy Court
New York, NY USA

Honorable James M. Farley
McCarthy Tetrault LLP
Toronto, ONT Canada

Hon. James L. Garrity, Jr.
Shearman & Sterling
New York, NY USA

Judge Martin Glenn
U.S. Bankruptcy Court
New York, NY USA

Hon. Yoine Goldstein
McMillan LLP
Montreal, Canada

Hon. Allan L. Gropper
United States Bankruptcy Court
New York, NY USA

Mr. Justice Torgny Hastad
Supreme Court of Sweden
Stockholm Sweden

Mr. Justice Paul R. Heath
High Court of the New Zealand
Auckland New Zealand

Lord Justice Hoffmann
House of Lords
London, England

Hon. Barbara J. Houser
US Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Texas
Dallas, TX USA

Anna Hrycaj
District Court of Poznan br /> Poznań, Poland

Mr. Justice Ian R.C. Kawaley
Supreme Court of Bermuda
Hamilton, Bermuda

Carolyn Dineen King
US Circuit Court
Houston, TX, USA

Mr. Justice Hans-Peter Kirchhof
Karlsruhe Germany

Hon. Christopher M. Klein
United States Bankruptcy Court
Sacramento, CAUSA

Hon. Burton R. Lifland
United States Bankruptcy Court
New York, NY USA

Sir Gavin Lightman
Serle Court
London, England

Justice Edita Lovin
Supreme Court of Romania
Bucharest, Romania


Hon. Ralph R. Mabey
Stutman, Treister & Glatt, Professional Corp.
Salt Lake City, UT USA

Hon. Bruce A. Markell
United States Bankruptcy Court
Las Vegas, NV USA

Madam Justice Mincke Melissen
District Court of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mr. Justice Mikael Mellqvist
Visby, Sweden

Mr. Justice Yves Merlat

Commercial Court of Evry
Mandres les Roses France

Mr. Justice Robert Mongeon
Superior Court of Quebec
Montreal, Canada

Mr. Justice Frank J.C. Newbould
Superior Court of Justice
Toronto, Canada

Madam Justice Maria Cristina O'Reilly
National Commerical Court
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mr. Justice Luciano Panzani
President of the First Instance Court of Torino (Tribunale di Tornio)
Torino, Italy

Madam Justice Marina S. Paperny
Cout of Appeal of Alberta
Calgary, AB Canada

Hon. James M. Peck
United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of New York
New York, NY USA

Justice Sarah Pepall
Superior court of Justice
Toronto, ON Canada

Madam Justice Brigitte Petiet
Commercial Court
Paris, France

Dr. Andreas Remmert
Federal Court of Justice
Karlsruhe, Germany

Chief Justice Francois Rolland
Superior Court of Quebec
Montreal, QB Canada

Madam Justice Barbara E. Romaine
Calgary Courts Center
Calgary, Canada

Mr. Justice Adolfo A.N. Rouillon
The World Bank
Washington, DC USA

President Srdjan Simac
High Commercial Court of the Republic of Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia

Hon. Elizabeth S. Stong
United States Bankruptcy Court Eastern District ofNew York
Brooklyn, NY USA

Dr. Shinjiro Takagi
Nomura Security Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Justice Professor Heinz Vallender
Cologne Bankruptcy Court
Erftstadt Germany

Mr. Justice Jean-Luc Vallens
Court of Appeal
COLMAR Cedex, France

Mr. Justice Vasily V. Vitryanski
Vice Chairman
Moscow Russia

Mr. Justice Mario Vukelic
High Commercial Court of the Republic of Croatia
Berislaviceva, Croatia

Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff
United States Bankruptcy Court
Chicago, IL USA

Hon. Michael G. Williamson
United States Bankruptcy Court
Tampa, FL USA

Mr. Justice Wisit Wisitsora-At
Office of Justice Affairs
Pakkred, Nonthaburi, Thailand

Hon. Maria Cristina Zucchi
Sao Paulo, State Supreme Court
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mr. Justice Ralph H. Zulman
Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

Committee Chairs

Justice Eberhard Nietzer (Co-Chair)
Amtsgericht Heibrom
Heilbronn, Germany
T 49-7131-64-34256

Mr. Justice Geoffrey B. Morawetz (Co-Chair)
Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Toronto, ON Canada 
T 416-327-5284

Justice David Richards (Co-Chair)
Royal Courts of Justice
Strand, London UK WC2A 2LL 
T 44-20-7947-7419

Mandate & Activities

This Committee is comprised of Members who are sitting and former Judges and has a complement of over 60 Members from 25 of the International Insolvency Institute’s (III) countries around the world. The Judicial Committee was formed in 2008 and made its inaugural presentation at the Berlin Conference in June 2008. Since then, it has made presentations at each of the III’s Annual Conferences. In 2014, the Judicial Committee agreed on the following mission statement:

The purposes of the Judicial Committee are:

(i) to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information, experience and views between judges of different national jurisdictions, so as to further the aims both of appropriate cooperation and coordination between courts of different countries in cross-border insolvency cases and of better informing judges about the insolvency systems of countries other than their own;

(ii) to inform so far as appropriate the membership of III, in particular by presentations at III conferences, of the approach, experience and views of judges and courts in relation to the conduct of insolvency cases and to issues of insolvency law and practice;

(iii) to comment, so far as appropriate, on III initiatives that have relevance to or effect on judicial cooperation and co-ordination in the administration of cross-border insolvency cases;

(iv) to promote discussion and understanding of the role of courts and judges in insolvency cases, particularly cross-border cases, including by means of (but not limited to) publications, research projects, lectures and seminars;

provided that the Committee shall not do anything which might compromise in any way the independence or standing of any member of the Committee as a judge or former judge in his or her own national jurisdiction.

Committee Materials

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